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Rocking motion slicing mechanicm (Patented)
When the wire is in contact with the work at only one Point,
it slices the work in an src so that the is applied
concentrically to the contact area, ensuring high precision,
high productivity and mass production
Auto Drive System
Spindle Rocking System


Popular MWS series features a unique rockin motion slicing mechanism combined with wire reciprocation system designed for
high precision slicing of virtually all types of hard and fragile materials, including materials for silicon wafers.
High Quality Better-looking cut surface free wire marks
High precise slicing even to thicknesses of 0.1mm or less
High speed Dramatically improved working speed and automatic wire winding
shortens production time High productivity with wires of 0.07mm dia.
Flexibility Cuts all types of hard and fragile materials
Flexible settings to meet the rewuiements of a wide range of work
Cost-efficiency Less lapping work downstream Longer machine life