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Rocking motion slicing mechanism
Direct drive system allows high speed wire running, and easier maintenance operation
Servo motor controls accurate wire tension
Best applied to ingot slicing
Automatic wire winding reduces manual operation and also can wind Block.
2 Spindle System
Microcomputer controls parameter settings most suited to each application
Diamond wire can be applied
Max work size ( W x H x L ) 150mm x 150mm x 300mm
Work Roller Out.dia x wind groove width x axes

Ø180mm x 300mm x 2Axes

Wire reciprocation speed

700m/min (MAX)

Applicable wire diameter (core)
130 ~ 200 ㎛
Wire reel wind-up capacity
Steel Wire 30kg, Dia. Wire Standard 50km
Machine Dimensions ( W x H x L ) 1954mm x 2745mm x 2632mm