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PMS (Profile Measurement System) aims to monitor and control the shape of the lapping and polishing plates
The profile image is displayed on a computer monitor allowing effective management of
straightness and shape.
Essential item to control the shape of Lapping and Polishing plate
Measurment Precison
(Condition:Room Temp.20±1℃、Humidity 60±5% max.)
Measurment Precison±5μm (HSS-1400 or more is accuracy by the master correction)
Precision when repeating±3μm
Standard Measurment Points
1000 points (possible 5000 points max.)


Sensor Move Speed(fixed)

30mm/sec.(motor speed)

Data-processing time
Whitin 1minute (processing time at auto,atic setup) (Processing speed may change according to the PC's processing capablitity)
Mesurment system Contact type linear gauge
Mesurment range 0~10mm
Sensor contact pressure 150gf
Sensor resolution 1μm